Environmental Management Policy


Our Policy is to ensure continual improvement of our environmental management procedures. We recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment. In all our activities, working practices and business relationships we are committed to protecting, conserving and enhancing all aspects of the environment over which we have control or can influence.

To deliver our Environmental Management Policy, we will:

  • Ensure that all our activities comply fully with environmental legislation and best practice.
  • Set practical objectives for continuous improvement.
  • Reduce resource use and re-use or re-cycle materials wherever possible.
  • Use information and communication technology (ICT) to avoid excessive volumes of paper waste.
  • Encourage the use of environmentally friendly materials when advising clients.
  • Maintain information about the environmental impact of the goods and services we supply and make this available to enable our customers to make informed choices.
  • Understand the sensitivities of our customers, including the pressures of growing and changing statutory and public concern about environmental issues, and assist them in complying with environmental best practice.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce any environmental impact of our activities at an early stage and adopt these changes where appropriate.
  • Communicate our environmental performance both within the Company and outside.
  • Raise staff awareness of environmental issues and promote individual good practice.
  • Require our suppliers to provide goods and services with the minimum adverse environmental impact, and give preference to environmentally aware suppliers whenever possible.
  • Ensure that our purchases of goods and materials comply fully with UK government and EU legislation and recognised environmental best practice.
  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent pollution of both our local and wider environments.
  • Employ sound waste management practices, including compliance with the requirements of the Site Waste Management Plans Regulations.
  • Continue to review our environmental performance, and strive to respond to issues as they arise.
  • Support our local authority’s green travel objectives.


Our Managing Director will:

  • Retain overall responsibility for environmental management within the Company.
  • Ensure that sufficient resources are allocated for the successful implementation of this policy.
  • Positively promote good environmental management in all activities undertaken by the business.
  • Supervise the implementation of the environmental management policy and monitor its adequacy.
  • Ensure that that all members of staff are made aware of the contents of this policy and their responsibilities in relation to environmental management.

Our Directors with delegated responsibility for environmental management will ensure that:

  • Ensure that adequate resources are available for meeting statutory requirements relating to environmental issues.
  • Monitor the effective operation of the Company’s Environmental Management Policy and procedures.
  • Ensure that where it is intended to undertake a new type of business, or to acquire a new company or business, an assessment is made of any environmental impact or requirements and that arrangements are made to implement any necessary actions as part of the overall business plan.
  • Ensure that where it is intended to supply a new type of product, or undertake new activities, an assessment is made of any environmental impact or requirements relating to the new product or activity and, in particular, any requirement relating to meeting EC environmental directives and these requirements are implemented prior to the product being supplied to clients.
  • Ensure that there are adequate arrangements in place to ensure that employees receive relevant training in environmental matters.
  • Ensure that the environmental standards of work undertaken by site-based staff is monitored in conjunction with the Management Team and any deficiencies are reported and corrected.

Our Managers and Supervisors will:

  • Report any deficiencies which cannot be corrected to the Director.
  • Ensure that arrangements are in place to explain the Environmental Management Policy to new or temporary employees on the first day of their employment.
  • Ensure that the respective environmental obligations of our clients and our Company, relating to products, systems or equipment supplied by the Company, are clearly communicated and agreed with the client in writing, before supply or installation takes place.
  • Ensure that site staff allocated to the contract or project are competent and adequately trained for the type of work to be undertaken.
  • Ensure that there are adequate reporting arrangements in place to enable operatives to report unforeseen environmental conditions or situations encountered whilst working on client’s premises or sites.
  • Review, in conjunction with the directors, reports relating to environmental issues and ensure that appropriate action is taken.

All employees and labour only sub-contractors (LOSCs) will:

  • Act with due regard to the environmental issues both themselves and by others, whilst they are at work, or on Company premises.
  • Report to their supervisor or manager any serious environmental issues that come to their notice and which they cannot immediately rectify.
  • Co-operate with the Company in preventing environmental incidents which may pose health risks to themselves, other employees and members of the public, visitors or the environment.
  • Wear PPE whenever instructed to do so or in circumstances that require its use.
  • Report any work conditions that they consider being environmentally unsafe at once to the Office Manager or Director responsible for H&S.

Any employee who fails to comply with the Environmental Management Policy, will be subject to disciplinary action.